What is the use of tile adhesive in tile adhesives?

In recent years, new types of tile adhesive products have slowly entered the market. The traditional tile paste will often be due to poor physical properties of the construction process and materials, the adhesive is prone to aging, resulting in internal and external wall tiles fall off, if not properly handled may cause safety hazards. So, the next to introduce the use of tile adhesive tile adhesive notes and characteristics.

What is tile adhesive

Tile adhesive is a kind of adhesive material directly applied on the back of the ceramic tile, which can effectively improve the bonding strength between the ceramic tile and the adhesive material, and solve the common hollowing and shedding problems in the wet tile adhesive.
The tile adhesive is a product of high-quality polymer emulsion material and inorganic silicate compound. The tile adhesive can be used in combination with a variety of adhesive materials to form a ceramic tile adhesive system, which greatly improves the adhesion of the ceramic tile and the base layer. The gum has good performance on standard concrete slabs and glazed tiles, and the safety performance is greatly improved. It is specially applied to the back surface treatment of wet-laid vitrified tile, effectively improving the bonding strength between the vitrified tile and the binding material, and solving the common hollowing and shedding problems in the wet adhesion of the vitrified tile. It is also suitable for the back treatment of stone materials and other tiles with low water absorption, dense texture and smooth surface.

The difference between tile adhesive and tile adhesive

1, the composition is different. The main components of tile adhesive are cement, sand, cellulose, calcium formate, etc. The tile adhesive is mainly a polymer.

2, the finished state is different. Tile adhesive belongs to powder and generally requires water mixing; tile adhesive is liquid and can be applied directly.

3, the strength of adhesion, the applicable environment is different. Tile adhesives are relatively inexpensive, common tile adhesives; while tile adhesives can be said to be an upgraded version of tile adhesives, the main response direction is different.

4, different levels of quality inspection. Tile adhesive is a low-tech traditional product, which means that most of the tile adhesives are not tested and guaranteed by any country at all. There is no strict standard for the mixture ratio of various types of adhesives. Tile adhesives need professional and standardized design ideas. It must also go through all kinds of safety and quality inspections. Like waterproof materials, the focus is on more professional and lasting.

Tile adhesive use matters needing attention

1, the construction temperature is 5 ~ 35 °C, encountered dust and rain weather should not be construction;

2. The base should be kept clean and strong without dust, oil, batik, etc.

3. Keep the joints clean and dry, avoid rainy days, avoid tile sticking in wet conditions, and keep the environment dry as much as possible;

4, useless water, open the barrel directly after mixing;

5. After brushing on the back of the tile, it must be coated with cement mortar or other adhesive material before it becomes transparent.

6, when paste the tiles, ensure that the tiles and mortar closely fit to avoid empty drum phenomenon;

7, pay attention to product protection, to avoid damage caused by subsequent construction operations.

Tile adhesive characteristics

1, strong adhesion

By changing the physical and chemical properties of the surface of the tile, the backing of the tile creates a solid “bridge” between the tile and the adhesive, which greatly improves the adhesion between the tile and the base layer.

2, long service life

Tile adhesive has good permeability, waterproof and weather resistance, and it can achieve the effect of paste and waterproof with one construction.

3, the construction is convenient and simple, directly painted on the back of the tile can be.

4, non-toxic environmental protection.

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Tile adhesive

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