What is the color of the table cloth in 2018? These fashionable and practical table cloths

After the house is renovated, many people still like to use some home accessories to decorate, so that the effect of embellishment will be even better, such as putting a tablecloth on a meal, this will not only allow your desktop to be protected, but also decorate your The table, but it must be reasonable when choosing colors. The following Xiao Bian will introduce to you the color of the table cloth and the popularity of these fashionable and practical table cloths in 2018.

1, the color collided with the table cloth is even more colorful

The first thing to know is that this type of cotton material is generally easy to dip, so it is more capable of producing colorful table cloths. In the past, most people were still more accustomed to choosing the elegant table cloths, which would not only protect the table, but also not destroy the overall effect of your restaurant. In fact, as long as reasonable choices are made, such as the use of colorful table cloths, the overall decorative effect of the restaurant will not be undermined. The table cloths that collide with each other will enhance the overall sense of color in the living room, and at the same time it may add some active atmosphere to your living room. Especially when the decoration of the restaurant's overall decoration style is more elegant, it can be said that choosing a beautiful table cloth that is colliding with the beauty is a better choice.

2, light color tablecloths

The pale color tablecloth is a classic one, no matter how the style of the tablecloth is, how the overall style of the restaurant is decorated, as long as the color of the family meal tablecloth belongs to the pale color system, then it can be said that it will not affect the overall effect. Therefore, light-colored tablecloths belong to a category of tablecloths. In light-colored tablecloths, warm colors such as yellow, beige, apricot, etc. are more popular, because warm colors are more likely to give people a warm feeling, but also improve people’s appetite, and are more suitable for use in restaurants. .

3, Suya table cloth to suppress color confusion

Table cloth style is also more variety, more common with solid colors, Plaid, floral, etc., different patterns have different decorative effects, if the color of the table cloth is too bright and the pattern is more fancy, then the match may give People feel a bit confused and may give people a messy feeling. It may also affect the decorative effect of the restaurant and affect appetite.

4. Monochrome tablecloths attract eyeballs with patterns

Monochromatic tablecloths are also a relatively common one. Monochromatic tablecloths are relatively simple and elegant in terms of color, but due to the small number of colors, they often result in a single color, and it is also possible for you to reach a limit. Less than the problem of decorative effects. For a single color tablecloth, you can choose some of the more diverse patterns to match, so that it can play a better decorative effect. The color of the monochrome table decoration fabric is also more, white, beige, brown, blue, green, etc., you can choose the color of the tablecloth according to the style of the restaurant, so that you can choose the most suitable restaurant Tablecloths.

Summary: What are the colors of the table cloth and the popular and practical table cloth in 2018? Here are the relevant contents of the table cloth . Here are some of the colors that are recommended for you. They are more commonly used when you select colors. According to the home style, it will be more coordinated.

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