Two-bedroom decoration renderings designer recommended decoration model

Home is the destination of each of us, no matter how far we go, we will return. It is a very happy thing to own a house of your own. It can make people feel warm and comfortable with reasonable decoration. Xiao Bian collected a two-bedroom decoration case, by two ranks under renovation renderings to learn how to truly love our home dressed Mimi.

Two-bedroom decoration effect map 1, entrance decoration

Here see this two-bedroom decoration effect chart entrance, do not think the type is actually a bit strange. However, designers can feel this way, and they are more generous and more generous in area!


Here is the aisle of the entrance, very long. The background wall design is crystal clear, not bad!


See the transparent glass tiles there and the restrooms are inside. Two pairs of doors is the bedroom

Two- bedroom decoration renderings 2, living room decoration


This is a good friend's two-bedroom decoration renderings living room decoration, see the whole living room, is not very visual impact, the entire living room gives people the feeling is more full of new ideas, although the color is more but with a very reasonable !


The living room's sofa, the red table lamp, is mainly the curtain, the curtain's jump is also relatively big, the red and the white match is also the classic color in the decoration. The color of the table lamp is just in harmony with the color of the curtains. This is the perfect match!


Two-bedroom decoration renderings The black stainless steel coffee table in the living room makes the overall living room more modern. The implantation of the coffee table is full of modern charm, and then decorated with blue carpets, it is in stark contrast!


Seeing the restaurant from the living room, when it comes to the restaurant, it's actually just sitting in the living room. This is more convenient! The coordination of the restaurant's color and the living room's leather art sofa, as well as the pillow decoration on the sofa and the color of the carpet are close to this feeling is very coordinated!


Listening to a friend said that the sofa in the living room had two cushions that he bought separately. The blue and white stripes were selected. The sofa wall was decorated with exquisite cross-stitch patterns. It seems that the owner is still very tasteful!


The ceiling lamp in the living room is a friend's love, but this one is not photographed, but you can see the reflection on the wall! The reflection is printed on the red background wall is a special spectacular ha!


The TV cabinet in the living room was originally intended to be a wall or something. Later, it was simply red and white, so that the TV background became the main theme of her home. Also just coordinated with the color of the entire living room, this kind of living room decoration is still very good! There is a living room decoration can learn from it?

The above is an introduction to the two- bedroom decoration renderings and I hope to help you. If you still want to learn more about the decoration of the two houses, please pay attention to this website decoration information channel.

Two bedroom living room decoration renderings

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