Top ten mattress brand rankings in 2015

Human life is about 1/3 of the time spent in bed, bedding comfort a direct impact on our health and mental state, different brands of products and materials each have their own special. Then, let Xiaobian introduce you to the ranking of the top ten mattress brands in 2015 .

2015 top ten mattress brand ranking NO.1 : mousse

Founded in 2004 , Mouss Bedding Products Co., Ltd. is positioned as a global health sleep resource integrator, specializing in human health sleep research, engaged in the development, production and marketing of a complete set of healthy sleep systems. The design concept of Mousse originated in Europe. The company hired the famous French designer Moris as the chief designer to integrate ergonomics and sleep environment into the design of bedding. Currently, it has more than 1,700 stores worldwide . It has a variety of products such as Cage, 0796 , 3D series, etc. According to the needs of different groups of people, there are many choices such as simple, high-end, 3D ergonomics.

2015 top ten mattress brand ranking NO.2 : Dream Diana

After years of struggle, Dream Diana mattress has become a well-known professional manufacturer of large mattresses in the industry. She gave Putian Volkswagen the benefits of the product, and enjoyed the health of the brand and the joy of life. It is not only the pursuit of creating the most satisfying image of customers, but also establishing the most competitive brand in the market and becoming the most popular enterprise. The company's subsidiary series Longfeng Brothers brand mattress products are highly praised and loved by users from all walks of life.

2015 top ten mattress brand ranking NO.3 : Yuan Meile

Melody margin furniture factory located in China's four major furniture production base - Suzhou Li mouth, is specialized in producing advanced software companies mattress, stand out in the crowd household brands, and domestic and foreign markets have established a good reputation, to become One of the important bed production bases in the country. The company's performance has been continuously expanded, and the production of spring mattresses, palm mattresses, baby mattresses, latex mattresses, sponge mattresses, etc. has been out of the country, and the products are exported to North America, Europe, Australia and other regions.

2015 top ten mattress brand ranking NO.4 : Katisdan

Kaitis Danjia is a professional enterprise that advocates improving human health and sleep, focusing on human health and sleep. The company is committed to research, design, production of high-quality soft beds, mattresses, fashion bedding and other products. Kaitis Dan furniture in the core technology research and development, production process optimization, design of the appearance of packaging and other processes, every process, every detail implied Kaitis Dan " customer first, quality first " innovative concept, Our products are based on the healthy sleep needs of human beings, strictly enforce the standards of global healthy sleep, and combine the brand advantages with the latest scientific and technological achievements to create a professional sleep brand.

2015 top ten mattress brand ranking NO.5 : Shirand

As a Chinese home brand, Shirande specializes in creating a simple, comfortable, beautiful and lively personality mattress brand, close to the human body size, and the design is all about ease. High-quality sleep is also the core pursuit of the brand, and the core strength to win consumers' love. This well-known brand is now standing on the same list of world-renowned brands.

2015 top ten mattress brand ranking NO.6 : Kafka

Kafka Furniture Co., Ltd. is a modern furniture enterprise integrating production, sales and service. Our company mainly produces mattresses, pursues high taste, high quality, and follows traditional craftsmanship. The style is pure, the materials are exquisite and the style is novel. At present, it has established sales networks in many major cities across the country ( Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wuxi, Nantong, Yangzhou, etc. ) and exported to the United States, France, Japan and Australia in batches. It is famous in China. One of the mattress companies.

2015 top ten mattress brand ranking NO.7 : Kanotan

A modern, professional and large-scale furniture enterprise integrating design, development and production in Canodan. Taking social fashion as the leading idea, bold and innovative personality performance, we have a valuable cohesive engineering and technical management and production staff, advanced and efficient production equipment, careful craftsmanship, and strong production team. Through unremitting efforts, Kanodan sofa has achieved fruitful results and won unanimous praise from all walks of life.

2015 top ten mattress brand ranking NO.8 : Digole

Originated from a romantic country in Europe: France ! Exudes a strong French classic. In 1928 , he was engaged in the production of soft furniture and furniture in the suburbs of Paris. He successfully established the Di Gaulle furniture brand and became one of the long-established furniture brands ! DiGule has advanced equipment, experienced design and development personnel, and strictly enforces ISO9001. : 2000 management certification system for production management and quality management, created a fruitful security system, has won the " China's famous brand " , " China's green products " and other titles. " DiGule mattress" adopts independent high-elastic spring, which is made of pure natural high-grade fabric with high-density sponge. It is soft and close to body, easy to remove and wash. It has the characteristics of good heat dissipation, strong gas permeability, moderate hardness, and good resilience. It can adapt to the human body curve and help you recover your strength quickly and eliminate fatigue.

2015 top ten mattress brand ranking NO.9 : lace

1938 Founded in Chicago in the US lace mattress  application for registration of the world's patents in 1960 - rhythm of the body  when the median protect the back line leads the world in "back care structure" effective support and fit sleep protect the spine  become the world's only A professional brand with this technology patent. In 1965 the company will combine furniture and bedding for the common store space and extend  become available Comfort Center Sleep Center.

2015 top ten mattress brand ranking NO.10 : US domain

Meiyu high-soft furniture enterprise integrates the design, research and development, production and sales of high-grade soft furniture such as fabric sofa, leather sofa, fabric bed and leather bed. It owns well-known furniture brands such as “ Mei Gao ” and has four series of fashion leisure sofas, fashionable leisure soft beds, warm romantic soft beds and fashionable sleeping mattresses. It is a modern manufacturing enterprise with strong financial strength and advanced technology and equipment. Meiyu High Furniture will adhere to the forward-looking strategic policy and aim at maximizing the overall value of the company. While maintaining the rapid growth of the domestic market, it will gradually expand the international market and develop “ Meiyu Gao ” into an internationally renowned furniture brand.

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