Three Ways to Troubleshoot Ethernet Switches

Industrial Ethernet switches are important devices in the network. If problems occur, they will affect the entire network system. Computers in the LAN are often connected to switch devices, and they exchange and process data with each other. In this way, the working status of the switch will have a direct impact on the overall operating performance of the LAN network. However, in the actual management of the network, some of the details are not always within our control. The network failure caused by some inconspicuous factors is also a matter of investigation. We will analyze the common switch failures today. The elimination of the phenomenon.

Exclusion method When we face the phenomenon of failure and analyze the problem, we have inadvertently learned to use exclusion to determine the direction of failure. This method refers to listing all possible faults as comprehensively as possible based on the observed fault phenomena, and then analyzing and eliminating them one by one. When excluding, follow the principle of simple to complex and increase efficiency. Using this method can handle a variety of faults, but maintenance personnel need to have a strong logic of thinking, a comprehensive understanding of the switch knowledge.

2. Comparison method The so-called comparison method is to use the existing, similarly modeled and normal-running Ethernet switches as reference objects, and to compare the faulty switches so as to find fault points. This method is simple and effective, especially the fault on the system configuration, simply compare the different configuration points can be found, but sometimes find a model with the same configuration and the same switch is not an easy task.

3. Replacement Method Replacement refers to the use of normal Ethernet switch components to replace parts that may be faulty in order to identify the point of failure. It is mainly used for the diagnosis of hardware faults, but it should be noted that the replaced parts must be the same brand, the same type of the same switch.

Of course, in order to make troubleshooting work in accordance with regulations, you can analyze the fault in accordance with the following principles.

1. From the outside to the inside If the switch is faulty, we can distinguish it from the external indicators, and then according to the fault indication, check whether there are any problems with the internal components. Regardless of whether it can fail from the outside, you must log in to the switch to determine the specific fault location and perform troubleshooting measures accordingly.

2. From soft-to-hard failure, no one wants to move the screwdriver to remove the switch first, so when checking, always start with the system configuration or system software to start troubleshooting. If the software does not solve the problem, it is a problem with the hardware. For example, if a port is not easy to use, then we can first check whether the port to which the user is connected is no longer in the corresponding VLAN, or whether the port is closed by another administrator, or other reasons for the configuration. If you eliminate the possibility of system and configuration, you can doubt the real problem - hardware failure.

3. When it is difficult to solve the problem first, it is necessary to start troubleshooting from a simple operation or configuration. This speeds troubleshooting and improves efficiency.

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