Talking about the type and performance of glass brick

In the current home decoration, the material of glass brick is more and more widely used. Combining artistic elements to enhance the artistic beauty, people's visual enjoyment brings a warm, artistic and high-end feeling. It also brings comfort and convenience to life.

Glass bricks, also known as extra-thick glass, are available in both hollow and solid. The heart glass brick is made by mechanical pressing method. The hollow glass brick is pressed by box mold, and the two pieces of glass are heated and welded into a whole. The hollow brick is filled with dry air, and is annealed and sealed on the side.

Glass mosaic tiles are made of glass-based or glass raw materials, which are ground into fine powder and added with additives such as fluoride etchants and oxidants.

It is produced by a sintering method or a calendering method. It has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance and no discoloration. Glass mosaic tiles are generally glued with special adhesives or latex-coated cement.

Stained glass Veneer bricks made of thick glass have the advantages of light weight, high strength and good thermal stability. Different patterns, different colors, dazzling, and easy to paste.

The characteristics of its hollow glass brick:

Hollow glass brick is a new type of high-grade decorative material. It is formed by press forming and high temperature welding. Its internal air is semi-vacuum. It is a combination of aesthetics, mechanics, optics and thermodynamics. It has multiple good performances:

1. Green, healthy and environmentally friendly. Like the traditional glass, the glass brick is a transparent material that is melted at high temperature by inorganic mineral materials. It does not contain harmful gases and radioactive substances. It is non-toxic, harmless, odor-free, non-irritating and can prevent insects. The human body constitutes any infringement. It can reduce the light pollution caused by other substances and can adjust the layout of light. The construction of glass bricks is convenient, once construction, the two walls are completed, and the auxiliary materials only need cement and mortar.

2, thermal insulation performance. The high thermal insulation of hollow glass bricks is an important reason why it can be quickly applied. In traditional buildings, windows are the weakest link in maintaining indoor temperature balance. The hollow glass brick can solve the hot summer sun and radiate heat into the room through the glass window. The sultry air will also be transferred into the room from the gap of the single-layer window, and the outdoor sunshade of the window will make the indoor light dim. Through the diffuse scattering of the hollow glass brick and the internal negative pressure cavity, sufficient light can be obtained in the summer room under strong sunlight, and the unnecessary temperature rise is alleviated. On the contrary, with hollow glass bricks, the temperature in the winter room does not emanate from the window. In addition, the ordinary glass window is easy to frost, which brings many unnecessary troubles. The temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces of the hollow glass brick can reach 40 °C without frosting, and it can adapt to the indoor and outdoor temperature difference conditions in most areas.

3. Sound insulation performance. The high sound insulation of hollow glass bricks is an important feature that is unique. Noise interference has affected people's rest and work. People often try their best to solve this problem, but they often get twice the result and get no effect. The hollow glass brick has a high sound insulation because of its sealed vacuum. Can help us solve this problem. If the outer wall of the hollow glass brick is used to replace or reduce the area of ​​the window, not only the lighting effect is better, but also the sound insulation effect is better. If hollow glass bricks are used for indoor glass partitioning, not only can secondary lighting be used, but also good sound insulation effect.

4, light transmission is not perspective performance. The high light transmission but non-perspective properties of hollow glass bricks are incomparable with general decorative materials. How to obtain the appropriate luminosity according to the actual needs within the scope of activities such as residence, work, entertainment, etc., is also a big problem in the face of traditional building decoration materials, and the unique nature of hollow glass bricks will undoubtedly help solve these problems. The light transmission coefficient of the colored hollow glass brick to the colorless hollow glass brick is 50%----75%, which is equivalent to the general double-layer insulating glass. You can select the hollow with different light transmittance according to the light conditions of your surroundings. glass brick. There are various patterns and patterns on the inner surface of the glass brick, which have non-perspective properties, keep the indoor trapping property, and make the whole room full of soft light through diffuse scattering, which solves the discomfort caused by direct sunlight. Hollow glass bricks can also be used for indoor partitions, allowing sunlight to pass through a layer of walls from the outside, and through the partitions made of hollow glass bricks, to achieve secondary light transmission, and even three times of light transmission, greatly improving the indoor light environment level.

5, fire performance. The refractory properties of hollow glass bricks are also quite excellent, with a fire rating of GB Class A and a fire endurance limit of more than 72 minutes. Hollow glass bricks can not only meet the needs of high-grade decorative effects, but also achieve sufficient fireproof standards. When a fire occurs, the flames encounter hollow glass brick walls or partitions, and they just have to stop. Blocking the spread of fire, preventing the loss of materials, and bringing more opportunities for survival. Today, with the growing awareness of fire prevention, hollow glass bricks will be recognized and designed by more and more people.

6, high compression and impact resistance. Hollow glass brick has high compressive strength and impact strength

7, anti-fogging. Hollow glass bricks also have excellent performance in preventing atomization. For example, when the indoor temperature is 20 degrees and the temperature is 60%, the outdoor glass temperature will not atomize or dew even when the temperature is below 2 degrees, preventing atomization of water vapor. Erosion of the border

8, anti-theft security performance. In addition to its superior performance, glass bricks also have a high degree of anti-theft security. Through the glass brick specifications, the slit width and the role of the mortar joint, the anti-theft security can be achieved to a high degree. In addition, the anti-theft glass brick wall can also prevent breakdown, and can adapt to more environmental occasions.

Glass bricks are used in exterior doors to bring natural light and outdoor views into the interior, absorbing the essence of nature. In addition, it can also be used in bars, balconies, corridors, curtain walls, viewing pools and so on.

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