Talking about the steps of stone empty drum repair method

After the marble plate is laid, there is a gap between the plate and the bonding layer, or the bonding layer and the base layer are not densely bound. When the light object is tapped, the sound like a drum is heard, which is called an empty drum. Empty drums will cause the breathing effect of the loose corners of the stone, reduce the bearing capacity of the ground stone, leave the locals, and the pressure is too large when moving, it is easy to break the stone. Settling and tearing of the foundation part of the ground can also cause cracking of the ground stone.

Empty drum is a common quality problem common in housing engineering. It uses a quality inspection tool to hammer the surface of the stone, or gently tap the surface of the stone to hear the sound of a drum. It is obviously different from the surface of a stone that is firmly laid or lightly tapped. The sound that is emitted mainly exists in the corners of the stone surface layer, and very few exist in the middle of the stone surface layer. Some time ago, 365 China Stone Network introduced several major reasons for the generation of stone hollow drums, but there is no detailed introduction to how to solve them after the occurrence. This article is a brief introduction.

1 Remove the empty marble board and re-install it. It is troublesome to use this method, and the repair cost is large. More importantly, the new and old marble surface gloss and color pattern are difficult to be consistent after repair. 2 It adopts epoxy steel bolt anchoring method. After repairing, the veneer is firm and standing without damage, and the construction method is simple, saving labor and materials.

The main points of construction are: 1 drilling first. For the marble plate to be repaired, determine the position and quantity of the hole. First, drill the carbide insert Φ10 with an electric drill, drill it into the brick wall or concrete base 30mm, and drill the marble with the Φ12 drill at the drill hole. Into 5mm. It should be noted that the drill should be inclined at a downward angle of 15 degrees to prevent the epoxy resin slurry from flowing out of the hole after grouting. After the hole is drilled, the dust in the hole is removed by compressed air (pressure 6kg/cm2). The ash-eliminating mouth should be inserted into the bottom of the hole, so that the dust will escape from the hole with the compressed air.

2 Substituting epoxy resin slurry: Epoxy resin: dibutyl phthalate: curing agent: cement = 100:20:20:100-200. When mixing, firstly stir the epoxy resin and dibutyl phthalate uniformly, add the curing agent and mix well, then add the cement and mix well, pour into the tank for use.

3 Then the grouting anchor is carried out, and the resin gun is used for pouring (maximum pressure is 0.4Mpa). In order to make the resin slurry in the hole full, the head should be deep into the bottom of the hole, and the tip of the gun will be slowly withdrawn outward during the pouring. After the slurry is filled, put the No. 3 steel Φ6 anchor bolt. In order to improve the bonding effect, the bolt should be made into a thread type, and a hex nut should be screwed at one end to bond the marble plate.

4 When placing the bolt, first apply a layer of epoxy resin slurry on the surface of the bolt rod (the mixture ratio is epoxy resin: dibutyl ester: curing agent = 100:20:20), then slowly transfer it into the hole. In order to avoid the epoxy resin slurry flowing out and pollute the marble surface, the lime paste may be temporarily used to block the hole. After the epoxy resin slurry is solidified, the plug is cleaned again. For the resin slurry remaining on the marble surface, acetone or The xylene should be scrubbed in time to avoid staining the wall.

5 After 2~3 days after grouting, the color is sealed with 107 rubber white cement paste. The color of the color paste should be as close as possible to the surface of the repaired marble.

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