Small apartment balcony decoration 5 big plan not to blame the area

The cost of buying a house is getting higher and higher, so small-sized units gradually become the main choice for buyers. Although the house is handy, the problem of small apartment balcony decoration has caused headaches for many owners. Can a small balcony really only dry clothes and pile debris? of course not! With reasonable planning and design, small balconies can also have large bodies.

Small apartment balcony decoration program 1

Like the narrow, small balcony, it must have been a lot of people during the renovation. The width of the balcony is less than one meter. Only one chair is so long and its capacity is very limited. So we set out from the chair and placed a large rattan chair with a suitable width on the inside of the balcony. We put a colorful striped carpet that extends the space and the living space atmosphere on the bottom of the balcony, and placed a few decorations on the outer side to add comfort. With the degree of concealment, pressing the curtains on the outside is a very smart choice. It is a comfortable and small balcony.


Small apartment balcony decoration program 2

Use the large balcony form to enjoy the joy of the sun. The theme of some small balconies is the sun. In a narrow space, cleverly put in suitable tables and chairs, the tables and chairs are all facing the outside, and the white tone is fresh and elegant. , sitting, with the flowers on the table to celebrate the grace of the sun.

The balcony has good lighting, and it is still an excellent place for working areas. Using the width of the balcony, simply transform the small balcony into a powerful working area, which is both bright and quiet.

The small balcony is very short in length, but it can still be in width. So, the smart owner has a lovely corner sofa according to the size of the balcony, and can sit and lie comfortably on the balcony. This is not enough. Join the carpet, warm to the foot, and the decorative ornaments on the walls make the balcony the most indulgent place in this home.


Small apartment balcony decoration scheme 3

The balcony becomes a leisure area, which is an extension of the interior to the outside. The balcony is a place where the owner can get rid of the indoor closed environment, breathe outdoor fresh air, and enjoy the sun's relaxing mood. Therefore, you can plant some green plants and flowers on the balcony. , not only decorate the wall, but also conducive to good health.


Small apartment balcony decoration program 4

In addition to width, some small balconies are also very limited in length. The typical mini-balcony, let us let it vacant, occasionally overlooking the bar? Of course not! Rectangular storage cabinet as a chair, put on a comfortable blanket, put Soft on the bag, you can put a few more, to create enough comfort, and storage cabinets can also contain idle items. In addition, the hanging flower beds are a beautiful way to improve the quality of the balcony, and do not occupy the slightest balcony space.


Small apartment balcony decoration program 5

The balcony becomes a washroom. The so-called conversion of a balcony into a washroom does not mean washing your face here. Instead, household chores such as cleaning rags, washing mops, and drying clothes move from the bathroom or kitchen to the balcony.

Looked at Xiaobian finishing small apartment balcony decoration program , is not it inspired you? So, stop sulking at the small apartment balcony. They can also turn from ugly ducklings to white swans.

Small apartment with balcony

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