Redwood furniture traps to buy more collections to polish eyes

The mahogany furniture is rich in antiques and rich in flavor, and it can last for a long time, so it has a very high collection value. However, the mahogany furniture market is "deep in water", and there are also many "traps". After the bad business "disguise", the real mahogany furniture makes many consumers jump. So, what are the “traps” of mahogany furniture?

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"Redwood species are different, the price difference can reach millions." Mai Can, director of Chaoshun Redwood Furniture Factory, told reporters that the current redwood industry is at a low tide, and there are many reasons for the cold. The mahogany furniture market is still not standardized, and some bad businesses are rampant. The lack of market credibility is also one of the important reasons.

There are some unscrupulous merchants who use low-priced non-redwood materials to pretend to be expensive high-priced mahogany materials. For example, use African pear to pretend to be authentic redwood Burmese rosewood, and use African cola beans to pretend to be sour wood. There are also methods such as coloring, patterning, soaking, discoloration, syrup discoloration, etc. to deceive consumers, and consumers have no way to test and discern.

Weapons: the more you pay, the more you should be careful.

Mai Can said that when paying for a penny, when buying mahogany furniture, the more low-priced, the more careful. Super-shun mahogany furniture is mainly made of sandalwood, African rosewood, Indonesian red rosewood, Indonesian black rosewood, etc., but many merchants pretend to be red rosewood with glued-trees to reduce costs. The simple difference between the lacquered tree and the red rosewood is that the color of the former is reddish yellow and has no obvious odor, and the "black rib" wood grain is arranged neatly.

In addition to red rosewood, rosewood is also an important target in the market in recent years. For example, using the genus to impersonate, the genus of the genus is belonging to the genus Sumu, and the folk is also called "Porog"; the other kind of wood used for impersonation is the croton, and there are also woods such as large peas, red lacquer, etc. The biggest difference from real rosewood is the unique aroma of rosewood. Therefore, when consumers choose furniture, the more they encounter the price is significantly lower than the market level, the more careful.

Craft: cut corners or shoddy

In addition to looking at materials, mahogany furniture is also an important part of the process, and the bad business through the process of making fake fake consumers also prevent consumers. Part of the mahogany furniture sheet is easy to be cut by the bad manufacturers, such as the back sheet, the panel with the sheet, the thick plate knocking sound is dull, and the thin sheet of the tap is crisp. The traditional process joints are made of 榫卯 structure and are durable. Bad manufacturers use wooden nails, nails, and glue to connect, saving time and labor, but the furniture is not strong, and it will not be long before it will shake and skew, and can not continue to use.

In addition, some mahogany furniture is artificially synthesized from the surface of mahogany and other inferior materials. It is made of smashed mahogany and embossed on the surface of other woods. It is not really pure mahogany furniture. Careful observation is required during observation.

Weapons: check inside and outside carefully

Mai Can said that if the plate is thick enough, the sound will be heavy and the plate will be too thin to knock on. When consumers choose mahogany furniture, they should be as careful as inside and outside, especially some bottoms. They should also take a flashlight to check carefully. In addition to looking at the manual, it is better to see if there is a shoddy phenomenon.

Brand: Counterfeit manufacturers have no after sales

"Today's furniture, tomorrow's antiques." Mai Can said that mahogany furniture not only has a good decorative function but also has a collection value, so it is best to buy it at a big brand and a long-term local shopping mall with good reputation.

Some bad businesses, fake factory names, factory direct sales or manufacturers to withdraw funds, or change the name and other excuses such as "clearance of goods", push fake and shoddy mahogany furniture to the market, sell out, call the factory phone or Can't get through, or the manufacturer does not recognize, after-sales service and quality can not be guaranteed. Complaints to the industry and commerce and related departments can not find a solution, consumers are deceived. In addition to ensuring the authenticity of mahogany furniture, the choice of regular furniture stores can also get good after-sales service. For example, Chaoshun Redwood Furniture Factory was formally established in 1995. For 20 years, the lifetime warranty system for mahogany furniture has been implemented, which has saved consumers from worries and won a good reputation and zero complaints.

At present, the third branch of Chaoshun Hongmujia Furniture Factory has settled in Zhanjiang·Cultural City. Mai Can said that the development of Zhanjiang's cultural industry is in full swing, and mahogany furniture is also part of the culture. As one of Zhanjiang's cultural windows in the future, Zhanjiang·Cultural City, together with its strong cooperation, will not only let Hong Kong urban people have a good place to understand the mahogany culture, but also achieve a win-win effect of 1+1>2.

Weapons: choose a reputable furniture store

Mai Can said that when buying mahogany furniture, don't go to temporary shopping malls or exhibitions to buy mahogany furniture, don't have the psychology of taking advantage of it, otherwise it will be more troublesome to buy some fake and shoddy products. When purchasing mahogany furniture, it is necessary to see whether the materials and paints marked on the product label are consistent with the finished product, and carefully consult and carefully identify to avoid mis-purchase, and ask the operator for the "Product Quality Assurance" and invoice to protect Its own legitimate rights and interests.

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