Police Tip: Correcting the Five Misunderstandings of Pedestrians Crossing the Road

Is there any saying about retrograde on the crosswalk? If you want to cross the intersection diagonally, how should pedestrians walk? Do you know all the basic knowledge of crossing the road? In fact, at present, pedestrians and bicycles are really exposed to many problems when crossing the road.

Myth 1: Cross-line lights

Pick a random intersection. I believe that pedestrians and cyclists crossing red lights such as two or three meters from the stop line are not uncommon. Such waiting across the line will make the intersection order chaotic. When the right-turn motorway turns green, many right-turn vehicles cannot turn because the intersection is blocked by pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles. There are vehicles working hard from the crowd, but for pedestrians, there are many hidden safety hazards.

Positive solution: Pedestrians and non-motor vehicles should cross the road and wait after stopping the line. At intersections without pedestrian crossings, the situation of vehicles passing by should be observed, and after passing safety, go straight through, and should not suddenly accelerate to cross or retreat or turn back halfway when the vehicle approaches.

Misunderstanding 2: crossing the crosswalk regardless of left and right

When the green light was on, the opposite crowd paved like a fan, across the entire crosswalk, and the popularity on the side of the road was not weak, like a wave of waves

The same flooded. The two groups of people met in the middle of the road, and it was inevitable that there was a bump, and more people passed through while leaning sideways.

Positive solution: You also have to be courteous on the crosswalk. Our country is a country with traffic on the right. Even on a crosswalk, we must follow the rule of walking on the right.

Myth 3: Cross the road and walk diagonally

At the intersection, many pedestrians cross the road diagonally for convenience. The straight line between the two points is the shortest. Everyone understands that crossing the road diagonally and diagonally has a lot of safety hazards, because the intersection at this time seems to have no vehicles, but it may actually be letting straight or turn left , And the driver may not be able to see pedestrians who are walking diagonally.

Positive solution: "L" shape is the safest way to cross the road, remember to walk across the crosswalk.

Myth 4: Cycling through on the zebra crossing

As soon as the green light came on, a young man rode his bike on the crosswalk, and pedestrians evaded. This is a phenomenon that can often be seen at intersections, especially at high traffic, when there are too many people and the bike ca n’t even get up. Even so, some people are willing to step on the pedals and take two steps forward Go ahead and refuse to push the cart.

Positive solution: Crosswalks should be pushed by cart. On the crosswalk, pedestrians have the right of way. If a non-motorized vehicle passes through the intersection from now on, they need to get off and push the vehicle forward. Especially for electric vehicles, the speed of the vehicle is very fast. If you ride, it is easy to cause collisions with pedestrians on the crosswalk.

Misunderstanding 5: The dilemma of changing lights after half

Many people will encounter this situation on the road. The green light has been on for a while before going onto the crosswalk to cross the road. But only halfway, the signal light suddenly turns into a red light, and you will have no idea for a while.

Positive solution: It is not a red light to go halfway to changing lights. According to relevant regulations, when the red light is on, pedestrians are prohibited from entering the crosswalk, but those who have entered the crosswalk can continue to pass or stay at the centerline of the road and wait. Therefore, it is not an illegal act to run a red light after changing the light halfway.

Reminder: please let pedestrians when the motor vehicle turns right

Where there is no special signal for right turn, the motor vehicle can directly turn right, but if there are pedestrians, the right turn vehicle should court the pedestrian. Even where there is a special right turn light, the right turn is a green light, and pedestrians who walk straight should be allowed first. Because the right of way occurs when the vehicle turns, so the owner of the right of way at that time, that is, the pedestrian who is going straight ahead, should be allowed to go first. Of course, under the current circumstances, pedestrians who turn to the right turn the car, it is best to raise their hands to signal, and ask the other party to give way. This is not only to ensure your own safety, but also to respect the driver's giving way.

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