Packaging machinery must meet market diversification

[Jiuzhi Plastics News] At present, the trend of intelligentization and automation in the packaging machinery industry is becoming more and more obvious. Although China is a big country in packaging machinery production, its strength in two aspects is still relatively weak and cannot meet the current production needs. China must promote the transformation of the packaging machinery industry to high-end production, and must make efforts in automation control, intelligent operation, etc., and actively launch an impact on the industry's super-class level, so as to obtain higher development in the high-end market.
The need for packaging machinery can not be limited to only one variety, because there are shopping malls in need, packaging machinery has also derived a variety of varieties under the many needs of the mall, and the trend is increasing. Such as: packaging machine series: from the food packaging machine branches to vacuum packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, granule packaging machine. This will meet the different needs of different people.
As the market demand continues to diversify, in order to meet market demand, many companies need to purchase different machines, but if one machine can meet different production needs, then it will undoubtedly become the scent of the enterprise. Therefore, the realization of multi-function on a single machine can easily expand the scope of use has become a common demand of packaging companies.

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