MIT research team develops new liquid metal battery

The energy storage capacity of renewable energy has been a major obstacle to the development of renewable energy. A group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a new all-liquid metal battery system, which is cheap and And the service life is longer. According to the research team, this device allows renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy to compete with traditional energy sources.

Donald Sadoway, project leader and professor of material chemistry at MIT, has been exploring the research and development of “liquid batteries” that can reach the scale of power grid applications. We have reported that the MIT research team also led by Donald Sadoway has developed prototypes for liquid metal batteries. Now its team has introduced an improved version of the new liquid metal battery.

The interior of the liquid metal battery is not made of any solid material. The cathode, anode and energy storage element of the battery are all made of melted liquid. The research team has tested many different combinations of ingredients over the years. In the earliest design, the electrode part was made of liquid helium and liquid magnesium, and the energy storage element was made of sodium sulfide. Because of the different densities, several liquid metal materials do not mix with each other and they appear as a layered structure like oil.

In the original use of liquid germanium as the electrode material, the system needed to maintain a high temperature of 700 °C to be able to run. After improvement, the researchers used lithium and lead and antimony mixed metal electrodes, making the working temperature reduced to 400 ~ 500 °C . At the same time, the researchers found that using this new material electrode has gained more benefits by obtaining a higher voltage than using only helium and a lower melting point than using only lead.

The research team said that the new version of the battery can work at lower temperatures, with a longer life and lower subject cost. In the test, it was found that after 10 years of daily charge and discharge, the battery can still maintain 85% of the initial conversion efficiency (initial conversion efficiency is about 70%).

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