Micro-negative pressure pyrolysis technology allows 100% recycling of used tires

Recently, the first micro waste negative pressure pyrolysis technology production line for smart waste tires jointly developed by Shandong Chengyuan Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. and Korea's Dongcheng Group is about to be put into production. This will enable waste tires to generate 35% of industrial carbon black and 40% of fuel oil. , 15% of steel wire and 10% of gas combustible gas, to achieve recycling of used tires 100% environmentally sound recycling.

China is the country with the largest volume of used tires. There are about 260 million annual and nearly 9.5 million tons of tires. If these waste tires are improperly recycled, they will become “black waste” and cause serious environmental pollution.

The process flow of the production line is to send the tire fragments into the feeding port through a forklift, and send it through a belt conveyor and a bucket elevator to a thermal decomposition system and decompose at a high temperature of 600°C. Carbon black and steel wire pass through the carbon black processing area. First, the steel wire is separated and sent to the steel wire storage area. The carbon black is processed into about 350 meshes, and then carbon black is sent to the carbon black storage area. The fuel oil passes through the oil and gas separation device. After collection, it is sent to the oil tank area; gas gas is sent to the hot gas generator for combustion to achieve energy self-sufficiency.

"Micro-negative pressure pyrolysis technology is the world's most advanced technology for disposing of used tires. No waste water, waste gas and waste residue are produced in the entire production process, achieving safety, environmental protection and energy saving." Sun Qingli, chairman of Shandong Chengyuan Mining Group, said that the single production line The company disposes of 68 tons of waste tires and handles 20,000 tons a year. After all five production lines are put into production, they will be capable of handling 100,000 tons of used tires annually.

Zhu Jun, president of the China Tire Renovation and Recycling Association, said that the increasing use of used tires and scrap tires has become a global issue. He said: "Old tires have been refurbished 2-3 times, or can't be refurbished or recycled after a certain number of regenerations. Micro-negative pressure pyrolysis technology is the most effective way to dry and squeeze waste rubber, and it is also the last treatment. Means." (Reporter Wei Dong)

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