Market potential, big wardrobe industry brand war starts

Compared with the whole cabinet and the whole bathroom, the development of the whole wardrobe is a little late. However, just as the whole cabinet has been gradually known and accepted by consumers for several years, the market prospect of the whole wardrobe is destined to be equally good. But to cut more shares in this "last piece of cake in the home industry" ...

In the past year, due to the advantages of high-end workmanship and appearance, humanized design, rational use of many functions, etc., the overall wardrobe has been loved by more and more young people who pursue high-quality life. Like other home brands, the overall wardrobe is popular from Europe and the United States to China. Its biggest advantage is that it saves space, is stylish and beautiful, and the designer can divide the inside of the wardrobe into a clothes hanging space and a folding display space through clever conception and design. , The top can also be built as a closed cabinet, placed bedding and other items.

Statistics show that in China alone, the overall wardrobe market has a huge market space of several hundred billion yuan every year. Therefore, the whole wardrobe is called "the last piece of cake in the home industry". It is in this critical period of awakening consumer demand that brands such as Ai Yige began to use their swords to start the overall wardrobe market battle.

Market capacity potential and huge room for development

Qianxun, a well-known domestic market research agency, pointed out in the 2009 version of "China's Overall Wardrobe Market Prospect Survey and Analysis Report" recently released that in China's urban households, the overall wardrobe ownership rate is less than 7%, which is far lower In the average level of more than 70% in developed countries in Europe and America. In the next two to three years, the market capacity of the overall wardrobe is expected to double.

Earlier, the "China Overall Wardrobe Industry Market Survey Report" released by the China Market Monitoring Center (CMMC) also showed that in the next four to five years, China's overall wardrobe market will have a market capacity of more than 20 million sets, with an average of more than 500 per year. Ten thousand sets. Roughly calculated, this is a market space of 400 billion yuan.

In this regard, the head of the well-known wardrobe brand Aiyige wardrobe market believes that it is undeniable that in the current market, the sales and market share of traditional wardrobes still occupy an absolute advantage, and the overall wardrobe market is still in a "just on the road" state. However, the development potential of the overall wardrobe is obviously larger than that of the traditional wardrobe, and the market prospect is also broader.

Brand competition begins

As the latest professional field in the home furnishing industry, in recent years, the overall wardrobe market has attracted a lot of attention from many other household categories and brands, from overall cabinets to overall wardrobes, from hardware to overall wardrobes, from wooden floors to overall wardrobes From the bathroom cabinet to the overall wardrobe, more and more home furnishing brands have joined the battle group.

At present, the overall wardrobe enterprises are mainly concentrated in the four regions of Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu. The brands that are active and have a certain accumulation are Ai Ge, European cabinets, Dongfang Bangtai cabinets, Dinggu, Stanley , Holocaust, Sofia, Comando, Siniman, Shangpin Home Delivering, Weiyi, Baiyinsheng, Leman, Apple, Roland, Rauka, Ibelle, Novi, Carpenter, etc. Overall, these brands are in the development stage, far from forming brand awareness and competitive landscape in industries such as ceramics, sanitary ware, paint, and flooring.

However, according to the relevant analysis of Yingdao Consultant, a well-known domestic marketing agency, since 2009, the commercial battle around the overall wardrobe brand construction and competition has begun, not only in the design of wardrobe products, customized services and other product links, but also in brand marketing There is a strong competition for "smoke smoke" in the channel construction and other links. The stories that once happened in other subdivisions of the home building materials industry will also be staged in the overall wardrobe industry. At the same time, Yingdao consultants analyzed that in the next 3 to 5 years, there will be several leading companies in the overall wardrobe industry, but it will not form an oligopoly.
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