[market] labor protection products into new cross-border darling? The market will reach 55 billion knives in 2020

November 1 news, billion state power network was informed that today, eBay released a "new thinking on exports - labor protection supplies one-click through the global market" report.

The report pointed out that benefiting from increasingly stringent occupational health and safety supervision by employers, improvement of workers’ health and legal awareness, and continuous expansion of peripheral technology and equipment, the global labor protection supplies market has continued to grow in recent years, bringing with it cross-border e-commerce. New opportunities.

According to the market research institutions MatrixInsign and Grandview's property line, the scale of the global labor protection products market has reached 38.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2-15 years, of which the size of the EU market is 13.4 billion U.S. dollars. The North American market is worth US$11.1 billion. It is estimated that the global market scale of PPE (labor protection products) will reach 55 billion U.S. dollars by 2020, and the market share of North America and the European Union will total 70%.

On the eBay platform, PPE is one of the fastest growing categories of global sales, and has maintained high growth for many years. Currently, on the eBay platform, a professional defense product is sold every 4 seconds; 1 pair of protective gloves is sold every 6 seconds; 1 tooling or protective clothing is sold every 7 seconds; sold every 15 seconds. 1 pair of safety shoes.

According to eBay, labor protection products are products designed to protect employees from serious work injuries or diseases caused by exposure to chemical radiation, electrical equipment, human equipment, mechanical equipment, or in some hazardous workplaces.

At present, countries around the world have successively established and improved laws and regulations related to labor protection, and have focused on requiring companies to provide protective articles for workers. At the same time, with the increase in income levels and social civilization, more and more laborers are purchasing labor protection supplies voluntarily and are willing to pay higher prices for high-quality labor and defense supplies.

In addition, the concept of labor protection is being preventively monitored and protected from the potential risks to the working environment from the physical protection of workers to upgrading the protection system at the workplace, and more humanized and intelligent monitoring of protective equipment is becoming a national effort. The focus of protection regulations is to promote the target. As a result, many peripheral technology and equipment have gradually become hot and demand has grown rapidly.

From the perspective of China's industry, at present, the scale of China's anti-labour supplies industry is huge and a series of industrial clusters have formed:

In the Bohai Bay area, Beijing brings together a large number of helmet manufacturers, and Shandong and Hebei have a large number of manufacturers of protective gloves;

In the Yangtze River Delta region, Shanghai and Zhejiang have a large number of safety shoes, protective gloves, safety helmets, and mask masks. Jiangsu's helmets and protective gloves industry is also well-developed.

In the Pearl River Delta region, Guangdong Province has a mature industrial base for protective gloves, hard hats, and masks.

In the inland areas, the medical protection consumables industry in Hubei Province has achieved outstanding performance. These industrial clusters coincide with highly cross-border e-commerce hotspots: According to eBay platform data, in the ranking of cross-border e-commerce exports by province in 2016, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, and Jiangsu were among the top five, Shandong, Hubei is ranked eighth and ninth. The following are the most growth potential labor protection supplies for major sites:

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