How to properly use the bathtub safety factor requires multiple considerations

Recently, there has been such a news on the Internet. A wealthy businessman and his family went out to play in the hotel. When they were staying in the hotel and lying in the jacuzzi, they suspected that the bottom suction was too large, which led to the prosperity of the merchants. This sad news is giving us a wake-up call. While the bathtub is so comfortable to enjoy, we should take good care of our personal safety. We should choose a reliable bathtub. We should understand the correct use during the use of the bathtub. Let the tragedy repeat itself!

1 bath depth must be controlled. It is best to be below 42 cm, the bathtub with a water level above the heart is dangerous, and the shallow bathtub is easy to access.

2 It is best not to have too much arc in the bathtub itself, so that sitting inside is more stable.

3 Take the child to take a bath and don't leave the child. A family with a child needs to prepare a bathtub, which is relatively clean and convenient. During the bathing process, the line of sight should not leave the child. There was such a real case. Ma Ma took a one-year-old child to take a bath in the bathtub and took a call back. As a result, the child was drowned in the bathtub. The same blood lesson!

4 The bathtub should be set with a safe water level to prevent slipping and drowning. Acrylic is originally glass. It is easy to slip when it meets water. If you add soap or shower gel, you can imagine that you can stand in the bathtub or not, so in the bathtub. The bottom must be designed with a non-slip design. It is best to stick a non-slip sticker.

5 If you need to shower in the bathtub and use the shower curtain, be sure to put the shower curtain inside the bathtub. If placed on the outside, the water will flow out, causing the ground to slippery; when placed on the inside, be careful not to take too long the shower curtain, otherwise it will be very dangerous to step on during the shower.

6 Remember to put the handrail on the bathtub. When entering and leaving the bathtub and getting up, it is the most dangerous, so there must be handrails around the bathtub. Also, determine if the product's grip is right for you before purchasing.

7 Towel bar can't replace the armrest. The towel bar has a certain load-bearing limit. His function is not strong enough to withstand one's weight, and many times. Of course, if you buy a bathtub that does not have a handrail, you can also install a pole next to the bathtub for better stability.

Do not have a shelf above the 8 bathtub. For example, it is dangerous to put a rack on the bathtub. Not to mention the bath, the contents of the rack suddenly fell and fell to people. Even if it is normal, if you accidentally fall into the bathtub if you are the thing... maybe it is a hole that cannot be repaired!

9 Appropriate measures should be taken such as adding iron bars and wire mesh to seal the bathtub back to prevent the suction of the back water from sucking up the clothes or causing death.

1.Application : For Motorcycle Accessories
2.Dimension: Customized dimension, OEM & ODM
3.Material: A6063, A6061, A3003 and other series alu alloy        
4.Suface treatment: Anodizing, polishing, turning ,power coating, mill finish etc
5.Equipment: CNC ,extruding machine, cold drawn machine, heating oven, straightening machine, cutting machine  


OD Tolerance































6. STANDARD PACKING:Wooden case/carton

7. Trade Terms
1. Payment: 30% T/T in advance, 70% balance pay before delivery.  L/C at sight.
2. Delivery time: 20 days after deposit receiverd. If opening mould, plus 7-10 days.
3. Trade Term can be chosen depending on your requirements.
4. FOB Port: Shanghai

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