How to choose the designers who are satisfied with the decoration?

After buying a satisfied house, the biggest thing is to decorate. However, for the first time to buy a house, the decoration is a very troublesome thing. First of all, if you want a decoration that makes you satisfied, then you have to have a favorite. The designers, and now the decoration companies are too numerous to mention, the designers are innumerable. There are many different kinds of designers. It is more tedious to choose designers than to buy clothes, and even many consumers who are completely ignorant of home improvement simply cannot understand it. Mindfulness, everybody hopes to meet a competent and responsible good designer. He can give the family complete confidence in giving him, but it is inevitably uneasy and does not know how to choose. Today Xiaobian asked everyone to popularize, how to choose the right decoration designer, and some tips when choosing a designer.

First, choose the right designer, first choose the decoration company

Looking for a fit-out company that fits the budget of the renovation is also a very critical step. In this session, everyone may wish to take a few more trips, bring the floor plan of the apartment, listen to the initial ideas, suggestions and charging methods of these decoration companies, and then choose a clear idea, unique insight, high cost performance and good reputation from the company. In-depth contact.

Second, communicate with designers

After the home improvement company was established, it began to contact the designer alone. At this time, it was determined that the designer had the following two points:

1. Communication skills:

First of all, let the designer know as much as you can. This is to investigate whether the designer has good communication skills and understanding ability. It can be imagined that if a designer and even his client communicate well with each other, how can he understand your requirements and make a work that suits you? Let the designer understand your intentions, grasp your style and principles, and be able to clarify, realize, beautify, and sublimate your intentions.

2, design ideas:

Moreover, a good designer can put forward a relatively elementary and unique preliminary design idea according to your special requirements and the basic conditions of the type of apartment, help you sort out the chaotic thoughts, guide you, and inspire you. Ignoring the needs of customers and imposing one's own ideas on others, it is impossible for them to be obedient and blindly obedient. Of course, there is also a good professionalism.


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