HD integrated camera FAQ analysis

What are the common problems with HD integrated cameras? The following is described by Turners technicians:

A focus point shift problem <br> <br> box camera main body and the lens combination made of two parts, its performance depends on the body with a lens to achieve a perfect match. In the monitoring project, if the user or constructor lacks expertise, the camera and the lens will be unreasonable, which will affect the performance of the camera. In security applications, users often use manual focusing lenses. However, manual focusing is dependent on visual inspection and manual adjustment by the human eye. The efficiency and accuracy are not satisfactory. In addition, the gun type is vulnerable to moisture, vibration, and thermal expansion. The environmental factors such as cold shrinkage interfere greatly, and after use for a period of time, problems such as blurring, instability, and rapid aging of the camera due to the shift of the focus point of the camera easily occur.

Second, the back focus (back focus) adjustment
<br> <br> problem because the camera image sensor target surface uneven and the differences between the different focal lengths of the lens, so bolt back focus (back focus) control technology, has fixed the gun type Camera manufacturers need to focus on R&D. The early back-focus adjustment method is mainly the way of back focus adjustment ring + back focus locking screw. After locking the screw for many times, it is easy to damage the thread of the adjustment ring, affecting the stability of the back focus; the other way is the self-locking Adjustment mechanism, usually made of plastic material, may also cause back focus to coke due to thermal expansion and contraction in extreme environments. In addition, some new methods use more precise and reliable thread focusing mechanisms, but the cost of the manufacturer's investment in the mold will be more.

For the problem of running out of focus after a period of use, the user and the manufacturer have solutions. Users (or contractors) usually send technicians to the site for processing. Monitoring of front-end equipment is far from distributed in the context of network monitoring. This will also greatly increase the cost of monitoring and maintenance. A few companies also include electronic back-focus adjustment mechanisms in cameras. However, this will undoubtedly increase the cost of the camera.

Third, night vision problems <br> <br> either users or manufacturers are trying to cameras day and night to bring the same excellent quality. In order to realize all-weather monitoring, in addition to expecting high-sensitivity and high-sensitivity image sensors, manufacturers have to adopt various methods to enhance image effects in low-light environments. For example, day and night infrared cut-off dual filter automatic switching mechanism, color to black, 3D digital noise reduction, digital wide dynamic image enhancement technology.

However, no matter how low the product's minimum illuminance value is, the effect of night surveillance is still somewhat different from that during the day. To get a clear picture, the scene needs to be filled with light (white light, normal infrared, or laser night vision). As far as the gun camera is concerned, the impact of the lens on the camera's low illumination is also of decisive importance. In addition to the megapixel camera, the megapixel HD camera must have a corresponding megapixel camera lens design. Of course, an image sensor with excellent performance in low-light environments, a stable and reliable filter mechanism, a good lens, and an excellent image enhancement algorithm are all good gun camera products. The elements, but these are not affordable for low-priced products.

use the zoom problem <br> <br> bolt on the market now are a lot of auto iris lens manual zoom type, focal length of a few millimeters to tens of millimeters, the focal length needs to be adjusted and locked in place at the time of installation. Therefore, the bolt can usually only be used in areas with limited monitoring scope, such as indoors, corridors, parking entrances and exits, etc. where monitoring positions are relatively fixed. Of course, gun-type cameras can also use electric zoom lens, but the electric lens technology is complicated and the production cost is high, so the current electric lens on the market is more expensive. The lens manufacturer adopts strict lens selection, adopts alloy materials commonly used in aerospace technology, and uses high-precision CNC machine tools to make one-time processing. The lens and lens mount connection parts are tightened with locking rings to improve camera stability. This kind of zoom lens is usually used in forest environment and fire prevention monitoring, border defense and other special occasion applications, ordinary users are difficult to popularize. In addition, due to the problem of network delay, manual control of secondary focusing problems caused by power zoom is undoubtedly a major problem.

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