Domestic coal prices rose for the first time this year

Domestic coal prices rose for the first time this year The newly announced Bohai Bohai Thermal Coal Price Index shows that the comprehensive average price of heat 5,500 kcal/kg thermal coal rose by RMB 1/ton to RMB 531/ton, which is the first increase since November 7, 2012. .

The index also shows that the current price of port thermal coal specifications increased significantly, accounting for 58.3%. Among them, the thermal coal with low calorific value has the largest pull-up effect, and the trend of the price increase of two kinds of low calorific value thermal coal of 5,000 kcal and 4500 kcal is obvious.

“The major coastal power plants increased their coal deposits during the maintenance of the Daqin Line in October, and the enthusiasm for coal purchases has increased significantly. Coupled with the fact that the South is about to enter the winter dry season, the hydropower will further decline, all of which will have a significant effect on pulling up coal prices.” said Li Xuegang, a senior coal expert. .

Since October 9th, the Daqin Line entered the maintenance phase. Affected by this, Qinhuangdao Port has reduced the amount of imported coal, and the Qinhuangdao Port coal inventory has once decreased to less than 6 million tons. As of October 13, coal inventories at Qinhuangdao Port have increased, but they still hover around 6 million tons, which is only 6.095 million tons.

The maintenance of Daqin Line has led to the low inventory of the port, and Shanxi Province has recently stopped the construction of all the mines in the province, involving nearly 60% of the production capacity in the province, and is expected to reduce the supply of coal by about 70 million tons, making the coal market sellers go up. The morale of prices has clearly risen.

Wang Xuxi, a thermal coal analyst at Shanxi Xinyu Energy Network, said that after the price of Shanxi's steam coal plate prices remained stable for more than a month, it was the first time in more than a year that a cautious and tentative price increase occurred. “The plate price of Datong Mining District 5800 kcal thermal coal vehicles rose by RMB 10/ton, or by 2.41%. The gas coal and weakly cohesive coal parts of pits increased by RMB 5-15/ton.” The prices are mainly stable, moderately upward, and tentative. Although there has been some increase, due to inertia in the previous period and the current transmission of coal prices in the port, there has been no significant increase in the price of coal at the place of production, and the maintenance of the Daqin Line has also played a role in pulling the origin. More limited.

Outside of Shanxi, the prices of major coal-producing areas, such as Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, are just around the corner. Treasure Island thermal coal analyst Dai Bing introduction, Yulin coal mining area thermal coal prices rose by 10 yuan in the near future, this is the second half of the price increase in northern Shaanxi, is expected in mid-October, Shaanxi thermal coal prices will continue to stabilize There is a rising trend. The price of coal in Ordos (7.00-0.13-1.82%) also increased by RMB 10-50/ton, but after the National Day holiday, the production of coal in the area ceased production. After a small increase in price, it could not make the discontinued mine recover quickly. In production, most companies are still cautious about the outlook.

Gao Lanying, an analyst at Qinhuangdao Coal Network, believes that the maintenance of the Daqin Line and winter heating coal as a stage and seasonal favorable factor to stimulate the coal market will once again play a supporting role, and coal prices are expected to rebound in October as a whole, but the thermal coal market The support for sharp recovery is still not enough. Data show that as of October 11th, the total electricity inventory of the six major coastal power plants was 12.5494 million tons, a decrease of 179,600 tons compared to the previous period, and the number of days available for electric coal stocks was 19.71 days, a decrease of 1.58 days compared with the previous period.

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