Diatom mud really environmental protection diatom mud quality is difficult to distinguish by the naked eye

Wall decoration is an important part of home improvement. With the constant pursuit of health and environmental protection, the decorative materials on the wall have become more and more abundant. From traditional coatings to stylish wallpapers, to the main environmental protection of silicon. Some columns, such as algae mud, are intended to show a better home. For friends who have no decoration experience, it is difficult to doubt whether the diatom mud is really environmentally friendly and how to identify the diatom mud. Because diatom mud is healthy and environmentally friendly, it is not only very decorative but also functional. It is a new generation of interior decoration materials that replace wallpaper and latex paint. If you have questions about diatom mud, why don't you come to know about it?

Is diatom mud really environmentally friendly?

1. diatom mud diatomite

Diatomaceous earth has a large surface area and is physically better than activated carbon. Diatom mud, containing a small amount of diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth cannot be painted on the wall and ingredients must be added. In general, a diatomite content of about 20% has been considered a conscience enterprise.

2. Is decomposition of formaldehyde true?

Diatom mud, which adsorbs formaldehyde on porous surfaces, does not decompose formaldehyde.

3, release negative oxygen ions?

1 The role of photocatalysts: Since the home has no ultraviolet level light, the viewpoint was overturned.

2 The waterfall effect: It can effectively absorb and release water molecules and produce a waterfall effect, decomposing water molecules into positive and negative ions.

The advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud

First, the advantages of diatom mud

1, soundproofing:

Shows rough, porous, soundproofing effect.

2, environmental protection materials:

Environmental protection than traditional materials, can adsorb formaldehyde.

3, fire prevention:

High temperature 1300°, no fire in case of fire.

4, strong plasticity:

Strong plasticity, according to personal preferences to draw patterns and textures.

5, moisture:

Strong adsorption capacity, moisture will be absorbed when the humidity is high.

Second, the disadvantages of diatom mud

1, rough:

For those who do not like rough feeling, it is more difficult to accept.

2, difficult to clean:

Strong adsorption, dirty and difficult to wipe.

3, construction difficult:

New materials, construction difficult.

4, not waterproof:

Diatom mud should not be used in wet places, such as kitchens and kitchens.

5, low hardness:

Collapsible after collision.

6, the price is expensive:

Touted by consumers, prices are more expensive.

Does diatom mud absorb formaldehyde

Diatom mud, a pure natural mineral material, is non-toxic in itself and can eliminate formaldehyde in the air and purify indoor air. According to the national quality inspection, the formaldehyde purification rate is 83.2%, the toluene purification rate is 40.9%, and the purification efficiency is higher than the national standard.

Zero chemical addition of diatom mud protects the environment and the environment. Due to its porous structure, it absorbs more than 50% of the ambient noise.

The ability of diatom mud to adsorb formaldehyde

From the inspection report, 1m2 of diatom mud can adsorb 1-2 cubic meters of harmful substances.

How to identify diatom mud good or bad?

1. Good diatom mud is adsorbed, not rapidly penetrated. The water absorption of diatom mud refers to the speed of absorbing water. It also depends on the water absorption limit. The larger this value is. The better the water absorption performance. Adsorption is a very microscopic physical process. The absorbed water is stored in the material structure. When the outside humidity needs to be adjusted automatically. Will not bring any influence to the wall base.

2. Diatom mud is a wall material, must have strength and wear resistance, strength will not change over time, off the powder dregs, the quality must be a problem, the national standard for wall materials is a continuous scrub a thousand times Above, it is considered to meet the standard.

3. In addition, the diatom mud content can not determine the quality is good or bad, the different processes will also affect the quality, such as: diatom mud particle fineness and the content of diatomite itself, which are the factors that determine the quality.

Editor's summary: The above is the diatom mud is really environmentally friendly diatom mud quality is difficult to distinguish through the naked eye of the relevant knowledge, hope to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please Continue to follow our website, follow-up will show more exciting content!

Is diatom mud really environmentally friendly?

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