Cycling into the "Internet +" outlet is a optimistic smart bicycle

Zhang Xiangdong, the founder of 3G portal, left the company and went to start a business to do a bicycle. He said that he wants to be a "urban bicycle". "Smart" is part of the function.

Li Yinan, former vice president of Huawei Communications, left his job and went to start a business to do a bicycle. The person who was once said to be "Ren Zhengfei's successor" said that he would be the best electric bicycle.

Before Zhang Xiangdong and Li Yinan, Baidu, Xiaomi and Samsung had already laid out “smart cycling”.

Bicycles, this ancient means of transportation, suddenly stood on the air. This is not the case, even the "old name" can not sit, and the pigeons must also enter the "smart ride".

Under the "Internet +" tide, "intelligence" has become the most effective path for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

Flying pigeons "eat a bowl of noodles" to finalize the transformation cooperation

On April 3, in the JW Marriott Hotel in Dawang Road, Beijing, LeTV Sports and the Flying Pigeons held a “marriage” conference.

"I have eaten the bowl noodles together with Zhang of the flying pigeons, and reached a strategic cooperation agreement. It can be said that it is a hit." At the press conference, Le Shijian, CEO of Leshi Sports, took Zhang Quanxuan, general manager of Tianjin Feige Vehicle Industry. Joined the station in front of the spotlight.

LeTV Sports, a company that combines the Internet with sports, was established in 2012. It was divested from the parent company last year and was nugged in the big industry chain of sports.

“Flying Pigeon is an established bicycle manufacturer with a history of 65 years and is an ideal partner for LeTV Sports.” Lei Zhenjian said.

When it comes to the flying pigeon industry, for most people, this country's oldest bicycle brand should be no stranger. In 1950, the birth of the first self-owned bicycle in China came from the Feige brand.

In the late 1980s, the Flying Pigeon brand was undoubtedly the leader in the domestic bicycle industry. In 1987, the brand's annual output was 3.65 million units, and the scale of production and sales was the first in China at that time.

Like many state-owned enterprises, in the following ten years of development, the large number of personnel and the rigid mechanism made the company gradually fall into the dilemma of slow transformation and upgrading, and poor product sales. Around 1998, the company's production and sales fell to the bottom, due to continuous losses, once production and management is difficult to sustain.

Since then, under the leadership of the Tianjin Municipal Government, the company has carried out a variety of investment in the mixed reform and restructuring, the pigeons' business performance has begun to improve. But at present, compared with the industry's first-line giant Giant, no matter the output or brand influence, today's flying pigeons have no advantage.

For this cooperation with LeTV Sports, the flying pigeons are quite satisfied.

“In the past decade, the bicycle industry has been undergoing transformation and upgrading. The public’s demand for bicycles has shifted from a normal transportation to a cultural and leisure product. With this change, the industry is also accelerating the elimination and shuffling.” On April 14, Zhang Quanyu, general manager of the flying pigeon car industry, told the Beijing News reporter.

She said that the emergence of intelligence is undoubtedly an effective way to transform and upgrade bicycles. “Flying pigeons have been trying to transform, just in time to meet LeTV, so they will soon reach a cooperation.”

According to the agreement between the two parties, LeTV Sports will focus on the intelligent technology development of bicycle software and technology, while providing users with social platform and big data service support, while Flying Pigeon is responsible for bicycle production.

Big companies are also eyeing this piece of meat.

Before LeTV Sports teamed up with pigeons, other companies have begun to deploy to the smart cycling field.

At the beginning of last year, Xiaomi invested in a riding application "riding the track", which was considered by the outside world to be the first step in layout smart riding. Subsequently, it was reported that Xiaomi would participate in a smart bicycle project, which integrates social, sports data and navigation, and plans to be launched this year.

In June last year, South Korea's Samsung released a smart bicycle, which will be linked with Samsung's smartphone. In November, Baidu released the smart bike DuBike, which is open to all bicycle manufacturers.

Earlier in the middle of March this year, 700BIKE, a smart bicycle brand founded by Zhang Xiangdong, the founder of Jiubang Digital, announced the completion of Series A financing with a financing amount of 15 million US dollars. The investors include Gaochun Capital, Huachuang Capital and IDG Capital. Wait.

In the same period, Jinshajiang Venture Partners, the "legendary genius" of the scientific and technological industry, Li Yinan announced the establishment of Niudian Technology Co., Ltd., ready to enter the field of smart electric bicycles. Earlier this month, he made a fortune on Weibo, "using the best materials and cutting-edge technology to build a Chinese electric car."

Overnight, the bicycle stood on the cusp of smart hardware.

Why are you optimistic about smart bicycles?

Among so many hardware varieties, why is bicycle alone becoming the "darling" of the market?

"Intelligent hardware is the carrier of the combination of the Internet and the sports health industry, and bicycles are the first intelligent hardware products of LeTV Sports." Li Dalong, vice president of LeTV Sports, told the Beijing News.

Within LeTV Sports, Li Dalong is the direct leader responsible for this bicycle project. He said, "The company will use the bicycle as a pawn to open the market, harvest users, and comprehensively deploy smart hardware in the future."

When talking about why to choose a bicycle, Li Dalong said that it mainly comes from two reasons. First, the bicycle itself is a hot field in the field of intelligent hardware. Many Internet giants are in the layout. "Before Baidu and Xiaomi had news to be laid out, then LeTV Sports also began to enter." Secondly, the bicycle industry and products have not been technologically improved for many years, and there is a lot of room for combining and grafting intelligent hardware.

"For example, the automotive industry has long been intelligently upgrading and transforming, such as GPS, seat heating, intelligent control, etc.; but bicycles have been improving on the mechanical level for many years, and there has been almost no change in electronic products." Li Dalong said .

As the investor behind Zhang Xiangdong 700Bike, Wu Haiyan, a partner of Huachuang Capital, expressed similar views on the reasons for the popularity of smart bicycles.

“Before investing in the field of smart cycling, we have done a lot of research on the bicycle industry.” Wu Haiyan said that the current domestic industry has an annual product increase of about 16%, and the speed is not too large, and it is not attractive to an investor. force. But with the rise of the middle class, all aspects of bicycle design, production, and sales will be renewed with new vitality under the upgrade of Internet people.

“In the moment, the demand for bicycles is no longer just a means of transportation. It is also a cultural and leisure product. If you use new design concepts, inject practical aesthetics, and activate the stock market by means of Internet direct sales, this level will Turn it several times." Wu Haiyan said.

Wu Haiyan introduced that in the hot intelligent hardware industry, it is roughly divided into several categories. First, consumer electronics products, such as MP3, MP4, digital photo frames, etc., now smart watches, bracelets and so on. The second is functional products, such as TVs, refrigerators, bicycles, etc. Third, platform-based products, crowdfunding platforms, pre-sale platforms, and supply chain management platforms.

“Our investment will be concentrated in the latter two categories. For example, bicycles, not to mention intelligent, are themselves necessities for the masses, and the market is big enough. And through intelligent upgrades, products will become better and better. Sticky and at the same time bring a better user experience, which is why all parties are competing to arrange smart riding." Wu Haiyan said.

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