Coaxial cable model specifications and parameters

Coaxial cable model specifications and parameters Coaxial cable can be divided into two basic types, baseband coaxial cable and broadband coaxial cable. At present, the commonly used baseband cable has a shielded wire made of copper mesh and has a characteristic impedance of 50 (such as RG-8, RG-58, etc.); the shielding layer of a commonly used cable for wideband coaxial cable is usually stamped with aluminum. Into a characteristic impedance of 75 (such as RG-59, etc.).

Coaxial coaxial cable and fine coaxial cable mean whether the diameter of the coaxial cable is large or small. The thick cable is suitable for relatively large local networks. It has a long standard distance and high reliability. Because it is not necessary to cut the cable during installation, you can flexibly adjust the computer's network access position as needed. However, the thick cable network must be equipped with transceiver and transceiver cables. It is difficult to install, so the overall cost is high. On the contrary, the thin cable installation is relatively simple and the manufacturing cost is low. However, since the cable is cut during the installation process, both ends must be equipped with a basic network connector (BNC) and then be connected to both ends of the T connector. Therefore, when the connector is connected for a long time, it is likely to cause poor contact. The hidden danger is that this is one of the most common failures that occur in current running Ethernet.

In order to maintain the correct electrical characteristics of the coaxial cable, the cable shield must be grounded. At the same time, there must be terminators on both ends to weaken the signal reflection.

Whether the thin cable or the thin cable is a bus topology, that is, one cable connects multiple machines. This topology is suitable for machine-intensive environments. However, when a contact fails, the fault affects all the machines on the entire cable in series. The diagnosis and repair of faults are troublesome. Therefore, they will be gradually replaced by unshielded twisted pairs or optical cables.

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