Chemical control of main diseases and insect pests of Chinese cabbage

At the beginning of the downy mildew disease, 40% ethylphosphorus aluminum 800 times solution, or 58% metalaxyl manganese zinc 500 times solution, or 64% antivirus 矾 500 times solution, or 75% chlorothalonil 500 times solution may be used for foliar spray ; The incidence of heavy weight can be used in frost or 72% DuPont's lotion 800 times liquid foliar spray, once a week, even spray 2-3 times.



Virus disease virus early stages, with 20% A400 spray times, 7 days apart, even spray three times, or 1.5% Zhibingling emulsion 400-500 times spray, spray every other day 2nd, spray 7-10 days The third time, it can effectively prevent viral diseases.



In the early stages, with soft rot streptomycin 3000 times or 4000 times spray new plant neomycin, every 10 days 1, 2-3 times continuous control. You can also use 72% agricultural streptomycin 3000-4000 times solution, or new phytomycin 4000 times solution to root, and find that the severely diseased plants are removed in time, and a layer of quicklime is sprinkled in the root soil to avoid mutual infection when watering. It can also be sprayed 3-4 times with potassium permanganate 800-600 times in the period from the seedling stage to the rosette stage of Chinese cabbage , which can effectively prevent soft rot and cure downy mildew of Chinese cabbage.



Clubroot mu quintozene 70% wettable powder 2-3 kg, add 50 kg of fine soil mixed into a drug soil before sowing furrow or fertilizing, can also be used quintozene 70% WP 800 Double solution, or 50% thiophanate WP 500 times solution, 0.3-0.5 kg per solution .



Bacterial spot diseases include bacterial angular leaf spot and bacterial black spot. In the early stage of the disease, 72% agricultural streptomycin soluble powder 3000-4000 times solution, or neo-phytomycin soluble powder 4000 times liquid spray, or 40% amber copper · metalaxyl ( also known as synergistic bacterium ) wettable powder 600 times liquid, or 50% yield WP WP 800-1000 times solution, or 70% mancozeb WP 500 times solution, or 58% nail Mn-Zn WP 500 times solution, etc., alternately used.



In the early stage of black rot, spray 75% chlorothalonil WP 600-800 times solution, or neomycin oxytetracycline 4000 times solution, or 50% DT or 60% DTM wettable powder 500 times solution.



The aphid can be sprayed with 40% dimethoate 1000-1500 times solution, or 10% imidacloprid wettable powder 1000-2000 times solution, or 50% anti-converse WP 4000-8000 times solution.



Yellow stripe jumper is sprayed or rooted with 5% Regent 1500 times solution or 90% trichlorfon 1000 times solution or 50% phoxim emulsifiable concentrate 1000 times.



Cabbage worm, Plutella xylostella, and rapeseed meal can be sprayed with 5% taibao emulsifiable concentrate 2500 times solution or 2.5% enemy killing 800 times solution, and 50 kg of liquid medicine is used in the acre.



The control of Spodoptera litura should be selected in the 1-2 instar larva stage. The spraying time should be in the morning and evening. The amount of spraying should be sufficient. The base of the plant and the ground should be sprayed, and the medicine should be rotated. The control agent can be selected from 90% trichlorfon 800-1000 times solution, or 40% dimethoate 1000-1500 times solution, or 50% phoxim emulsifiable concentrate 1000-2000 times, or 80% dichlorvos 1500 times solution, etc. 2- three times, every 7-10 days.




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