Cabinet color matching and selection

From the fashion industry's point of view, the popular elements of the general furniture field will appear in the cabinet design after two years. For example, last year's black oak material became the absolute mainstream of kitchen design, just as the previous two years were very popular in the furniture field. Similarly, some high-end furniture brands have begun to use grass green, dark gray blue, future yellow and other colors, bright and bright, the overall performance of the color soft but not boring; Turkish blue, pink, green, bright yellow, brick red and other super-saturated Strong colors are the most fashionable.

In the past two years, the style of the renovated homes and previous years have undergone revolutionary changes. The color of cabinets has changed from a single woody color to colorful ones. According to a survey conducted by the reporter, the colors of the cabinets, such as red, blue, purple, green, yellow, pink, etc., are all very popular, and the bright and bright ones are very popular. Among them, green and light yellow are the hottest sellers this year. They look fresh and fresh. Clean, the whole home environment is also bright.

In addition to considering his use value, the kitchen cabinets are also very important in color because it directly affects people's mood when they are dining. In the advice to customers, they should be based on the customer's own preferences, and then live in the kitchen and Restaurant feel.


Full of dreamy colors, always clear and romantic, cabinets are pure and lovely in this space. Blue under the cover of nature, more fresh and elegant, full of decorative taste, especially for white-collar workers to work, so that the soul of a quiet beach harbor. The combination of blue and other colors can also have unexpected effects. The blue and yellow cabinets are particularly fresh and eye-catching under sufficient lighting, and the second one shows maturity and elegance, complement each other, and is flexible in harmony. Or you can use orange-red dotted blue cabinets, so that a deeper and more active in the deep. The color of the blue tone will be bold, it will make people feel refreshed, refreshing mood arises; In addition, the light blue is clear, dark blue, avant-garde and modern.


Relaxed and pleasing colors. Green is a theme that can never be used up and never feels bored because every change in it corresponds to the impression that nature gives to humans, so green is suitable for everyone who likes him, turning from light green to gray. Green, then dark purple, complete the outdoor to indoor excess, corresponds to the human visual response to space. Light green like a field

From the trend of home-appropriate black and white and cream coffee in recent years, the return of tenderness is inevitable. The design concept of post-modern and minimalist style of warmth has given the furniture a more fluid and concise appearance, and a lighter and brighter tone. , Clear texture and texture, creating a relaxed and comfortable home atmosphere. This series of furniture is fresh and elegant, suitable for 25-40 years of age, pursuing a simple and natural life, belonging to gentlemen with a peaceful attitude. Such consumers, advocating natural relaxed home atmosphere, like to wear cotton clothes, elegantly half lying on the sofa, slowly savoring coffee, watching beautiful DVDs, listening to melodious music, or coaching A few pots of flowers and plants. This kind of person pursues romance, and he still retains childhood innocence in the depths of his heart. The appeals of this series of furniture mainly focus on the emotional needs of the consumer groups, so the decoration style of the store is also good, and the accessory of the jewelry should also pay attention to the construction of the home atmosphere and the construction of the humanistic atmosphere.


Enthusiasm and enthusiasm, full of festive colors, the young newlyweds adopt the red most appropriate, not only reflects the owner's strong, bold personality, but also able to show the youth's vibrant vitality, showing luxury. Another test, red can make the appetite peak. Red as the sun, white and red as a combination of nephrite and white, the use of white mildly dilute the monotony caused by the red, so that the whole is more varied, more angry, red and yellow The collocation has a kind of pressure to live warmly, supplemented by old-fashioned furniture and festive auspicious color techniques, so that the cabinets show a new atmosphere of prosperity.


Since ancient times, China has been respected by Huang. It is a symbol of status. Pale yellow can be used with a variety of colors to produce a satisfying effect, such as blue, green, red and so on. The crisp apricot will create a mood of youthfulness. In addition, it will be eternal, calm and full of black. It is more suitable for older and identifiable people. The light and sweet oranges express their individuality and show their individuality. Young people are a good choice

Silver gray:

The popularity of silver gray is a product of modern civilization. Efficiency, health, enthusiasm and passion are integrated into it. The heavy silver ash that appears in the plain will also make it possible for the master who returns from the world to return to the family as soon as possible to return to peace of mind. Fashion and tasteful consumers love this color. Silver gray and modern strong, individualized and prominent cabinets are often inextricably linked. This hue is attached to the cutting cabinet space, as if it were flying in space.


Pure and immaculate, immaculate colors, cabinets that are based on white are plain, elegant, and clean. For those who like cleanliness and quietness, it is undoubtedly the best choice. The combination of the contrasting colors of one hundred and black will create a purely calm effect. There is nothing that can disturb the mind. White and any color combination will produce unexpected feelings.

Wood color:

Anti-authentic pastoral colors. Enjoy the simplicity of solid wood. Embellished with pastoral flowers and plants, plus a simple design, so that the atmosphere of the countryside full of family space, elderly couples and people with a stable personality can be the preferred color of the cabinet. The simple wood is supplemented by light blue and dark green, which can highlight the warmth.

Kitchen Furniture Design and Purchase

Kitchen furniture is the main support facilities for people to carry out kitchen activities in the kitchen. Its selection is based on the actual needs of people.

When people choose kitchen furniture, in addition to functions and styles, color is also a key consideration. So, how can the color of kitchen furniture affect people's life and how should the colors of kitchen furniture be chosen?

1, the color selection should consider several factors

Choosing the color of furniture should mainly be considered from several aspects such as the color and brightness of the furniture color, the environment of the kitchen furniture, the family population of the using object, the member structure, and the cultural quality.

This is because the hue and lightness of kitchen furniture colors can be used to control the appetite and emotions of the object. The family population, member structure, and cultural quality of the objects used in the kitchen determine the degree of preference for kitchen furniture colors. The choice should be considered from the above aspects. The main activities of people in the kitchen are food processing, cooking and other processes. During this process, it is required to ensure food processing, cooking and other processes are hygienic and safe. In the process of processing food, it can stimulate people's appetite and make them love to eat.

At the same time, the whole process of cooking and cooking is often associated with the subsequent dining. This requires that the surrounding space environment can make people feel good. The color of the environment here plays a considerable role.

2, we must pay attention to hue

Because the proportion of furniture facilities in any living space is relatively large, the color of furniture often affects the color of the environment.

Therefore, the hue requirements for kitchen furniture colors can show clean, stimulating appetite and pleasant features. The hue of kitchen furniture is the color of kitchen furniture.

In general, the hue that can be expressed is mainly gray with less gray and higher lightness, such as white, milky white, yellowish, etc., and the color that can stimulate appetite is mainly close to the good food, or in daily life. The color that can strongly stimulate appetite, such as orange, orange, brown and so on. The colors that can make one happy are more complicated. Different people and different living environments have great changes in color preferences, but not all people operate in the kitchen.

Therefore, we can determine the relevant colors simply by clarifying the main operating objects in the kitchen.

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