Beware of the dangerous virus "Megor" before May 1st

The Shanghai Computer Virus Prevention Service Center issued an early warning on the 28th: ​​The dangerous virus "Megor" that was active on the Internet some time ago has appeared the latest variant "Variant B" (Win32.MYGOD.b), which has greatly increased its harmfulness. The hacking Trojan virus and other malicious backdoor programs that it automatically downloads not only directly damage the user's system, but also seriously threaten the security of personal property on the network.

According to anti-virus experts, the virus is active on the Windows platform, which is different from the previous version. This time, "Megor" will infect the system files of specific common software in the computer, including some QQ system files and common player system files. Wait.

In addition, it will automatically connect to a designated malicious site, download and run multiple other viruses, the downloaded virus may be a hacking Trojan virus or other malicious backdoor programs, further threatening the security of the user's computer system and network personal property.

After the virus runs, it will search and infect multiple common software files such as TIMPlatform.exe and WinRAR.exe, and release the autorun.inf and ghost.exe virus files on the D and E disks of the computer. When the user clicks the drive letter, it will Viruses can be activated automatically. Automatically connect to malicious sites: h ** p: //***/ie.txt to download viruses.

Experts suggest that computer users should not run files of unknown origin casually, and must always turn on the real-time monitoring function of antivirus software when surfing the Internet. (Lu Wenjun)

   "Downloader" variant HO rampant digital camera becomes a new way of spreading

According to the latest news from an anti-virus monitoring center, the "downloader" variant HO (Win32.Troj.Downloader.ho) is downloading a large number of viruses to the user's computer through the network, which poses a serious threat to the user's network virtual property, which is most surprising. Surprisingly, the "digital camera" turned out to be one of the main transmission routes of the virus.

Anti-virus experts said that the "downloader" variant HO is a Trojan downloader. When the IE of the infected computer is found to be available, it will automatically connect to multiple malicious sites and download multiple other Trojan viruses. The downloaded viruses are all hackers. Trojan horse viruses pose a serious threat to users' virtual property on the network.

It is understood that after the virus runs, it will copy itself as BinNice.bak, and at the same time release a BinNice.dll virus file, inject it into the system process explorer.exe, and connect to h ** p: //* * n / csrss.exe and other malicious sites download viruses and release Ghost.pif and autorun.inf virus files to removable disks to spread themselves.

It is reported that during May 1st, digital cameras were frequently used, and the "downloader" variant HO took advantage of people's frequent use of digital cameras to spread by infecting mobile storage devices such as memory cards in digital cameras. Once a user connects a virus-bearing digital camera to a computer, the virus may spread.

In response to the spreading characteristics of the virus, experts recommend that you support it, establish good security habits, do not open some unknown e-mails and attachments, do not visit some websites that are not well understood, and do not perform downloads from the Internet without antivirus software Files to ensure that your computer is more secure.

Anti-virus expert reminds: the highly toxic "little point" and then a new variant "hyc".

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