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Bearing on the car

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Bearings are widely used in automobiles; they have taken on important responsibilities. From the starter, the chassis to the electrical assembly; all of them are used in bearings. The bearings for automobiles are divided into two categories: plain bearings and rolling bearings.
Sliding bearings are mainly used to launch the machine. Sliding bearings are usually divided into two types; one is a lining type thin-walled bearing; the shape is similar to the tile, the other is a bushing; the other is a copper sleeve; the shape is a hollow cylinder. The lining type thin-walled bearing is mainly used to support the crankshaft and connecting rod of the initiator. The bushing is mainly used to support the camshaft journal and the piston pin; but it is also used for other local parts of the car; for example, the knuckle king pin bushing of the chassis , shock absorber steel plate pin bushings, gear bushings and motor bushings; they act as friction reducing intermediates.
Crankshafts and connecting rod bearings look like tile structures; however, their functional requirements are high. Although smooth oils with smooth systems separate the parts from the bearing contact surface, in recent years, the starter has been continuously moving to high speed and boosting. Development; bearing oil film pressure increases; oil film thickness reduction; bearing operating environment is deteriorating; the demand for crankshaft and connecting rod bearings and production requirements is also higher and higher. Usually bearings use double-layer metal; some are multi-layer The first layer is a steel tile back to ensure mechanical strength; the second layer is a bearing alloy to ensure the appearance of the work function; a material called babbitt is commonly used, and the third layer is replated on the basis of the above two layers. With a very thin alloy; to further improve the appearance of the work function.
Relative to the bearing bush; the working pressure of the camshaft bushing is relatively small; its data is usually bronze or steel back alloy; the bushing of this type of material is also widely used in the kingpin, brake shoe, door hinge There are many bushing materials for local and automotive vehicles, such as seat belt reels; for example, oil-impregnated metal bushings for starters and fans; bushings for use on shock-absorbing steel plates and wipers. and many more.
Rolling bearings are widely used in various mechanical and electrical assemblies on automobiles. There are primarily transmissions, steering gears, pumps, fans, clutches, differentials, front and rear wheels and drive shafts.
The rolling bearing has two kinds of spherical and roller bearings; it is divided into radial bearing and thrust bearing according to the size and direction of the receiving load; the radial bearing is suitable for receiving radial (heavy straight to the axial line) load; the thrust bearing is suitable for acceptance. Axial (parallel to the axis) load; there is also a radial thrust bearing that accepts both radial and axial forces. In fact, today all rolling bearings are capable of accepting both radial and lateral loads under certain conditions. Only focus on which aspect or both. The rolling bearings are mainly divided into ball bearings, roller bearings and needle bearings; they are placed in various parts of the car according to different effects.
The transmission shaft of the transmission is usually supported by two ends. Because the transmission shaft is relatively long; the design of one side is usually taken as a fixed side bearing; it accepts both radial and axial loads; it acts between the fixed shaft and the gearbox. The effect of relative axial displacement; usually the radial thrust ball bearing is used. The bearing on the other side is called the free side bearing; only the radial load is accepted; the axial direction can be relatively moved; to deal with the temperature change caused by the transmission gear The elastic problem of the shaft and the error occurred in the device; the roller bearing can be selected.
The bearing ring and the tumble element of the rolling bearing are usually made of high-purity special chrome alloy steel; the hardness is suitably high. However, if the smoothness is poor, the selection is not proper, and the device is defective, it may cause problems. However, the bearing is in normal condition. Under the application; the internal component rolling surface will also suffer from data fatigue under the influence of alternating compressive stress; so that the peeling can not be used; therefore, the bearing has the constraint of its life. The data supplied by NTN in Japan; even if it is a group of bearings Working under the same conditions; the lifespan is also very different; this is due to the fact that data fatigue itself is “discrete.” Thus; the so-called extra-life of the rolling bearing; a group of identical bearings under the same conditions At work; 90% (reliability 90%) does not have the total number of revolutions or total rotation time of tumbling fatigue stripping. Bearings are like joint points; its quality is directly related to the quality of the car's operation. However; in large quantities It is difficult to ensure that each bearing is completely above the uniform quality standard; some new vehicles will exhibit this or any kind of fault early in the application process. Rice.

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