Art paint decorates my house

Imagine a small house with trains and cars outside the house, as well as a bustling crowd, and children roaring in the distance. The various colors and noise of the city come to an abrupt end in the small house, which is full of natural light and fresh wind.


When the sun is good, the flowing clouds and the reflections of birds reflect on the floor. Occasionally, the entire light background space is rendered by the sky of various colors.


No heavy makeup is needed, just a light-colored background, the whole cabin is natural and transparent, through the peaceful interior space, everyone feels the nature in the process of enjoying life.

Today, let's talk about the home color matching style of light-color art paint.


Japanese fresh art

Japanese-style small and fresh homes have a unique literary atmosphere. All light-colored background pictures, in addition to adding some artwork, usually choose earth colors as wall and floor materials, and match wooden furniture to create a simple and fresh Japanese style. The home is like being in a simple, delicate and warm space.

It is made with BLUEMOOSE art paint imported from Canada . The light-colored art paint expresses nothingness and possibility. In indoor home furnishings, it represents good taste, refinement and simplicity. High-end interiors use light-colored walls as its aesthetic and spiritual core.


Nordic simplicity and elegance

In home design, many literary and artistic youths either stand for the fresh Japanese style or the simple and elegant Nordic style. Speaking of the Nordic style, the same as the Japanese-style small and fresh colors, they all use light-colored walls as the main decorative tone.

The difference is that the Nordic style absorbs some concepts of functionalism, focuses on the practicality of simple design, and inherits the tradition of Nordic craftsmen's extreme restraint on any artificial decoration.

In the Nordic style of home coloring, in addition to black, white and gray, the wood color is the most popular (changed to show the limelight). The walls painted with light-colored art paints are relatively bright and lively in color, giving people a clean and bright feeling. And its line design is relatively stiff, and overall it has a rough and atmospheric feeling.

In any case, whether it is Japanese or Nordic style, the background blank art created by light-colored art paint, with gray and beige colors that weaken the artificial decoration, will look ethereal and atmospheric.

Such a cabin, the more ethereal, the more it can fill our yearning for beauty. When the sun falls, the field of vision is infinitely broad, and imagination and comfort will flow and free like stream of consciousness. This is probably the life we ​​yearn for and dream of.

BLUEMOOSE art paint will open up your taste buds of life, so that your home is soothing in the ordinary, but also exquisite and warm, so that different colors in the halo bring out the comfort and calm of the space.

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