Aluminum extrusion press introduction and use

[China Aluminum Industry Net] aluminum kneading machine is divided into positive kneading and reverse kneading two kinds, the current most of some use is the positive kneading machine, the scientific principle is the hydraulic machine principle, from the kneading machine structure To analyze. We usually divide the kneading machine into three parts: the master cylinder, the middle plate (kneading bucket), and the kneading bar.

The master cylinder is a hydraulic device. The hydraulic oil is transmitted to the small piston via a large piston. The kneading lever is pushed, the heated aluminum rod is pushed to knead the barrel, and the kneading bucket retreats to the exhaust pressure to exhaust the exhaust gas. After the cavity is joined and the delivery pressure is reached, the kneading bar runs together and the aluminum in the kneading bucket is sent into the mold split hole, and the aluminum alloy gradually flows out through the mold.

The longitudinal and horizontal levels of the frame rail should not exceed 0.05/1000; After the aluminum profile kneading machine device is repaired by large or medium, the parallelism of the two guide rails must be paid attention to: the device accuracy inspection and adjustment should not be performed over the entire length of the guide rail. The accuracy of the aluminium profile kneading machine is then improved by bringing it to a point where the accuracy exceeds 0.lmm degree specification or planning requirements.

When there is accuracy, how to increase the speed of aluminum kneading machine? According to the tonnage of the kneading machine, the degree of disorder of the shape of the mold section, the aluminum rod heating temperature and other factors for proper adjustment, so that the speed can be increased.

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