A vertical water pump antifreeze structure developed by the water supply company won the national utility model patent

Recently, a vertical water pump antifreeze structure researched and developed by the water supply company obtained a utility model patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.

Huangshan Scenic Area is a high mountain area. The winter temperature is lower than 0 °C for a long time. The weather conditions are bad. According to the traditional process, in order to ensure that the vertical pump in the water supply operation process is not frozen, the staff needs to manually remove the vertical pump after the shutdown. The water is stored before the operation, and the pump is exhausted. It is difficult to operate the pump at a remote site. In response to this problem, the water supply company technicians designed and developed the utility model based on the water pump automation system based on years of experience in pump operation, effectively solving the problems existing in the winter operation of the pump in the scenic spot, and realizing the vertical pump automatic. Drain, vent, heat and remotely monitor by computer.

At present, the utility model patent has been applied in the water supply system of the scenic spot, which greatly improves the anti-freezing performance of the vertical pump in winter, reduces the labor intensity of the employees, and further improves the scientific and technological level of the water supply guarantee in the scenic spot.

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