It took me a half-life savings to buy a suite, and it was a must-have for renovations, but this cost is like a bottomless hole. Even if you invest more money, it can swallow, so before the construction, Be sure to understand the relevant knowledge in advance, then for the 130 square meters of the

As we all know, the ceiling is one of the most important links of the owners in the decoration process. However, the new Chinese-style ceiling is the dream of countless owners. However, the ceiling materials are now varied, so owners often feel dazed when facing these ceiling materials. So, how ca

Abstract "The recent decline in the renminbi is closely related to the continued rise of the US dollar index beyond the 92 integer mark." Marc Chandler, head of global foreign exchange strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), told reporters. But it should not be overlooked that in

Abstract From April 26th to May 3rd, China's 15th Jade Carving Culture Festival and the 9th Rose Flower Festival were held in Nanyang, and Zhongnan Diamond Company participated in the exhibition. At the gemstone fair, the company accepted the media interview of Nanyang Radio Station as a

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Water and electricity decoration is an important part of our house decoration. Water and electricity decoration is a very big construction project. It is very easy to make mistakes during the renovation. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the renovation of water and electricity, otherwise

When it comes to paint on the exterior wall, I believe that everyone thinks immediately is the exterior decoration. Exterior wall paint is mainly used outdoors, so it must take into account anti-aging, color retention, high hiding power and other characteristics, but will not consider too much for