Lifting and transport For the lifting and positioning of the machine tool, the special lifting tools provided by the manufacturer should be used, and other methods are not allowed. No special lifting tools are required, and the Wire ropes should be lifted and placed in accordance with the specif

In recent years, new types of tile adhesive products have slowly entered the market. The traditional tile paste will often be due to poor physical properties of the construction process and materials, the adhesive is prone to aging, resulting in internal and external wall tiles fall off, if not pr

Wall decoration is an important part of home improvement. With the constant pursuit of health and environmental protection, the decorative materials on the wall have become more and more abundant. From traditional coatings to stylish wallpapers, to the main environmental protection of silicon. Som

The bathroom is an important space in our life, and the frequency of use is also very high. Therefore, it takes a lot of thoughts on the decoration. A perfect bathroom is not only clean and hygienic, but also can better enhance the home life experience, so this one must not be sloppy.

In order to further strengthen the basic research work of our province and increase the cultivation of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Science and Technology Department of Henan Province selected the project from the “most experts agree to fund” project based on the

Renovation is a very complicated project for novices. Especially for friends who are pursuing perfection and tangling, it will be difficult to tile in the bedroom or on the wooden floor . However, no matter which kind of material you choose, it will have its advantages and disadvantages. Then the

I believe that many friends who have laid wooden floors in their homes have been waxed after installation. However, the floor waxing at that time was generally carried out by the installation master, so many of the friends had black eyes when they waxed. do not know what to do with it